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The Tech Industry in Canada

The Tech Industry in Ontario

Canadian technology companies are known worldwide for cutting edge innovation. Growing at a fast pace, there are big opportunities to partner with some of these hidden gems: 

iBIONICS is an Ottawa based tech company that works on aids for the blind community, providing them with the solution that brings them sight. They state that they are doing for blind people what Chochlear is doing for deaf people. They do this by providing a solution that is a bionic retina, the Diamond Eye. They solve the issue of converting light to electric pulses with their product. They saw a problem that needed to be solved with over 200 million people dealing with blindness as a result of Age-Related Macular Degeneration or Retinitis Pigmentosa.
inBay Technologies

inBay Technologies Inc. delivers a convenient, safe and secure access to enterprise services and applications. The company's idQ®Enterprise is a unique and inn…

MDK 3.0 Video Series:

Here is Where the Videos From the MDK 3.0 Series Can be Accessed

Watch the Real Strategy video here:
Watch the Quantum Cyber Defence video here:

Watch the Wicket Inc. video here:

Launching a New Website

Launching a New Website
"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."- Friedrich Nietzsche
At MDK Business Law, our clients and business colleagues have noticed our metamorphosis over the past few months to a downtown law firm.Along with our fresh client-friendly offices, new hires and greater investment in technology-supported legal services, we wanted to renew the look and feel of our website.We chose to build the site on PageCloud’s platform, as we’ve always had great customer support from them in the past.
Why embark on this daunting exercise?We were inspired by a podcast on Lawyerist ( that reinforced the message that our website must contain clear, concise and useful information for you.Our website is also a central location from which we can provide the public with more timely access to general legal information via our Twitter and LinkedIn updates and posts.
It took several iterations, consultations, the need to over…