The Tech Industry in Canada

The Tech Industry in Ontario

Canadian technology companies are known worldwide for cutting edge innovation. Growing at a fast pace, there are big opportunities to partner with some of these hidden gems: 

iBIONICS is an Ottawa based tech company that works on aids for the blind community, providing them with the solution that brings them sight. They state that they are doing for blind people what Chochlear is doing for deaf people. They do this by providing a solution that is a bionic retina, the Diamond Eye. They solve the issue of converting light to electric pulses with their product. They saw a problem that needed to be solved with over 200 million people dealing with blindness as a result of Age-Related Macular Degeneration or Retinitis Pigmentosa.

inBay Technologies

inBay Technologies Inc. delivers a convenient, safe and secure access to enterprise services and applications. The company's idQ® Enterprise is a unique and innovative Software as a Service that eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. The idQ Enterprise is a highly reliable and scalable mutual identity assurance platform. It enables companies of all types and sizes to employ leading edge multi-level, multi-factor 'passwordless' authentication and delegated authorization solution. 

SageTea Software
SageTea Software gives their clients a text to software tool that eliminates the need for programming. On an average their software is twice as fast and costs half as much as competitors’ which gives them a competitive advantage. Not only that but they bring outdated systems up to current standards, automatically migrate data and reduces database maintenance costs all while allowing companies with big data to define, capture and deliver information accurately. Another bonus is that this software is an “expert system” with machine learning capabilities. With that a client can integrate artificial intelligence into their business using a low code automated process.

Teslonix provides technology that is also the foundation for further development in areas locating and tracking sensors. They aim to empower the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) which is a growing network or physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity and the communication that happens between objects and other internet devices and systems. They empower the IoT by facilitating cost-effective smart spaces. Their technology provides a solution in the retail space by delivering highly accurate, live item-level intelligence, enables growth in sales and improve the management of items all while enhancing customer experience. 

This company has disrupted the industry with their latest product, the Raven and this product falls under the automotive consumer lineup. What this product is, is an upgrade for cars with smart cameras, sensors, navigation, smart diagnostics and data. The Raven allows its consumers to always be connected with one of the elements being be a mobile monitor. This monitor sends out notifications, lets the user track where their car is parked, if their children are speeding when driving or knowing how much gas is in the tank when away from the car. With an abundance of components, Klashwerks provides a CES award winning device that gives the consumer a car upgrade unlike others.