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Making the Most of Your AGM

Your company is growing by leaps and bounds, you and your team are working around the clock, and it seems that there is a never-ending list of customer and operational issues.  A calendar reminder pops up on your screen – it’s time to hold your company’s annual general meeting of shareholders (“AGM”).  The temptation to simply circulate written resolutions to the shareholders for signature briefly crosses your mind.  After all, nothing unusual is happening this year:  same directors are to be elected, same accounting firm is to be appointed, and the financial statements have been prepared and are ready to be mailed out. For time-pressed entrepreneurs, the annual AGM requirement seems like a luxury of time and resources that they can ill-afford.  However, consider this:  the AGM also affords a wonderful opportunity to showcase the company’s growing capabilities to a room is filled with individuals who have an interest in your company.  Once the formal AGM business has been completed (10…

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